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there should be a way to create report and export to a file them as this is important for customer service managers

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    JV shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • J commented  · 

        any uppdates on it? we need to export chat & tickets data.. as well as export reporting data

      • Huzefa Motorwala commented  · 

        Hello Tawk developers,

        We would like to have feature to export all reporting data into CSV please?

        Can you make that happen?

        Kind regards
        Huzefa Motorwala

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I want to add a new features by which any one can fetch data from your panel .

      • Kelli LaShelle commented  · 

        This feature could be very simple by just adding a place where we can download the chat reports for how many chats were used per month/day/week.

      • Lalji commented  · 

        1.we should be able to use emoticons also..
        2.Reports should be exported into excel files..

        You are providing so many features on tawk Great! Great! Great!

      • Raheel commented  · 

        One should have the option to import data on an excel sheet. Really helps in reporting and analysis.

      • Ricardo Benito commented  · 

        I think it is absolutely necessary to export to Excel or PDF segmented statistics.

      • Anastasia commented  · 

        Hello guys!

        Would be great if we could export the report from Dashbord --> Historycal into excel file.

        Or if there would be an option to select the data you need and export it. For example, the percentage of US chats from the total amount; number of answered chats per agent during the given period; percentage of visitors that ignored the chat.

        Need those reports badly!

        Thanks in advance.

      • Timi commented  · 

        I suggest you give the option of generating a detailed report (probably in CSV format) on the visitors visiting a site over a period of time (daily, weekly etc) as Google Analytics is way too complex.

      • Lee Noble commented  · 

        It would also be great to be able to filter this exportable data by which page the chat was on. We have multiple pages on the same site and want to be able to see the chats by page.

      • Dave F commented  · 

        Would also be excellent to be able to export agent average handle time as well as case comments. Case comments would allow us to search cases that contain key words (or hashtags) input by the agent during the chat for later follow up.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Would like to be able to export the visitor data such as visits per day, what pages each visitor saw, etc such as shown on the dashboard. This could be available for global stats (all sites we manage) and also per site. This will help website/business owners understand the data behind the visits and make improvements or changes accordingly resulting in a better customer experience and improved business.

      • Aayush commented  · 

        If we could generate reports . Reports and moreover , we can have a list of people who have come to chat for inqueries , for CRM purpose .

        So we can follow up.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Hello, I must commend your team for your efforts
        I want to suggest an option for downloading reports of visits, chat, visitors, so as to enable us measure performance of our website and also help in our report analysis
        Well done once again

      • Carlene commented  · 

        Make the analytics information on the dashboard exportable.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I wish extract a report for chat, to create a graph. How can I do that?

      • Matt commented  · 

        Allow admins to create exports, based on variables that are captured (or that can be captured) during the chat session. This would be comprised of custom questions during the pre-chat session, along with variables such as IP, OS, etc that currently resides in the details pane. This information could provide crucial for followup and ultimate conversion.


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