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Triggers with input fields, instead of pre-chat form

We noticed a large drop in chat requests after activating the prechat form but of course we'd still like to have the opportunity to respond to the contact if we miss them. It would be great if the option to load a from could be added to the triggers. For example, something exactly like the prechat form but it opens after a time limit when no one responds. It would of course need a customizable message as well, something like "Sorry no one is available right now. Please provide your name and either phone number or email address and we will get back to you."

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Will Dove shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
Admintawk.to (top bird!, tawk.to) responded  · 

Thank you for the suggestion!

Pre-chat form like we have now won’t be good since will cover the chat – so that request title can be kinda misleading when it will be searched by other users, reviewed by us in future.

We have a request to make “Chat rescuer” trigger with input fields:
But I can’t merge your request into it, since I presume you want any trigger to have input fieds – maybe we can rename your request to sound like “Triggers with input fields” / “Triggers like pre-chat form” or other how you would like it to be.

We had plans on changing current pre-chat into form of conversation with a bot – in chat bot asks for example visitors name and visitor can type it like he would type a message. But, unfortunately, difficult to say when we can start on implementing such functionality.


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  • Yunse commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    please show automated trigger messages before the pre-chat form on mobile. Beste way to solve the issue is that when on mobile the user presses on the chat icon the messages will be shown first and then when the customer wants to entered his message and presses send, it will ask for pre-chat form details before it gets sended. Please fix that. We lose a lot of customers because of that.The way it is now the customers thinks, why should he enter his contact details just to see messages that he got. That seems for the customers as we just want to get the contact details.

  • Aziz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yeah! I was about to say that. It is a very frustrating event and the customer potential is decreasing. Please, Fix it !

  • Gary Barr commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was just coming to mention this also. PLEASE fix this. It has such a powerful tool to not waste our time, but blocks it with the Prechat form. So I have the option of either having lots of chats for people that started it for the wrong reason (wasting lots of our time)... Or not being able to know who our legit chat people are.


  • Will Dove commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thx for responding. Yes, I think something like 'Triggers with input fields' would work. We've simply found that our total number of chat requests dropped dramatically after we put the prechat form in place. I think we'd get a better conversion rate if we could trigger a form after a period of time has passed without a response.

  • Brendan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This applies to sites where the pre-chat form is enabled as well as triggers

    Once the trigger fires the message should be visible to the user no matter what. Once the user views the message and tries to respond it should then show the pre-chat form.

    Trigger messages should NOT be hidden behind pre-chat forms. This is awful UX. To see the message the user would need to complete the pre-chat form and many users will not do this just to see if the message is something they want to reply to.

    I have tested this on a number of sites with high traffic and the leads plummet when the trigger message is hidden behind the pre-chat form.

    The solution is to have the trigger messages always displayed and only once the user tries to reply should they then see the pre-chat form.

    Please see the sense in this! :-)

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